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First we all went to breakfast like every morning. We were still sad that germany lost the semi-final against spain.
After breakfast we went to Portobello market , where we bought souvenieres and other stuff. It was amaizing how large the market was. You need over one hour to just walk  straight thorugh the market and its shops. At noon we went to the Hide Park and chilled out in the wonderful gardens. Then we went to the big national history museum where the movie "Nachts im Museum" was filmed. We only stayed abou 20 minutes because we all wanted to see the Harrods shopping center. It was unbelieveble how big it was.

Sunday was a great day. We went to Brighton Sea side. It was a very nice place with high waves and a big pier with a rollercoaster and alots of other things that you can find on a year market. We all went swimming in the ocean but the water a bit cold. We then had the chance to walk around on the streets. We had a great time together at the sea side.

We took the comfortable bus from London to Oxford and went to our new accomination. The rooms are  really big, nice and clean. It is a lot better than the hostel in London. Mr. Koini showed us some typical colleges in Oxford City. He said that lots of people wanted to go to college in Oxford. Then we had over an hour to walk trough Oxford. In the evening we watched the play of Shakespear. It was very well played and funny.

By Romy, Fritz and Mick.
7/12/2010 23:51:32

Hello to everyone, I really love to follow the blog. It looks like you all have a lot of fun. So enjoy your last days in Oxford.

ulrike wirth
7/13/2010 00:42:24

Greetings from Germany to everyone!

Have still a lot of fun and comes again everybody healthy!


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