This I Believe Podcast Project
By Mr. Brightman

The grade 6 students spent time this term in Humanities class exploring the question “What are our values and beliefs?”.  At the end of the unit, they created
This I Believe essays based on the same format as the popular American radio broadcast millions have listened to and contributed to for the past fifty years.  Take a listen to their essays and think about what you believe.

Buddha Poems and Raps
By Mr. Brightman

Grade 6 students had to incorporate what they learned from studying Siddhartha Gautama’s life into a poem or rap that contained aspects of his life, the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.  Click the Menu button on the PodBean player to your right to hear specific projects or click the play button to hear them all.  Afterward, don't be surprised if you, too, become enlightened.

How Does Pivot Animator Affect Students at SIS?
By Sama Ehab

Pivot is an animation system where you can make a movie out of stick figures and other shapes. Recently, students have been trying to make funny movies and short clips. I like them too, but how did they get popular that fast. In grade 7, students like so much that they even take lunch & break to do some. In grade 6 it has affected them that they even do science atoms with them.  People like it because it is cool. Sometimes they even try to make a movie out of what they feel. For example, most of the boys made violent movies and the girls made some about fish shopping and love. 

Here are some examples of what the stick figure animation does. Enjoy!!!!!