Where You Can Go to Eat
By Martin Henzel and Hendrik Wilhelm

The bistro is a place where we can eat at lunchtime. All students go there. We interviewed many people and they said many different things about the bistro because every people have different opinions about the food, design and the personnel. So we came to a decision that most people like the bistro, and they also like the equipment there.

“By the food it’s difficult to cook something that all people like because all people have other opinions about the food and all like other things”, said the leader of the bistro.

The personnel are very nice to the children and if the personnel are nice to the children, the children mostly are also nice to the personnel. The personnel said that cooking isn’t very easy and it is also stressful. Also comes on top they must also sometimes work on the weekend. We asked the personnel and they said that the students are also very nice to them they try their best. The cooks worked before in Rüsselsheim, in an old people home or in a catering service.

The bistro has a nice design and is also very comfortable. Most people that we have asked said that the chairs are very comfortable, and they like to eat there every day.

Many students expect that the bistro cooks more with fresh vegetables and fruits and that there are better desserts than “wake pudding” or something like this kind of stuff. The students also want more “BIO”-products.

Bistro Menu