The Dynamic Clubs of the SIS
By Pia Wagner

The Strothoff International School offers many different After School Activities. The school started the clubs on the 31st of August, and the first period of them ended on the 9th of October. The clubs are basketball, cinema, homework, digital journalism, soccer, art and so on. When I heard that the school would offer these kinds of clubs, I was really excited and hoped that they would be a lot of fun. I was looking forward to discover new things and to learn something new.

The basketball club takes place every Thursday and is lead by teachers from Eintracht Frankfurt. Sophie, a girl in the 9th grade at the SIS, went to this club because she wanted to learn how to simply play basketball and to play sports after school. In the first weeks, she had a lot of fun, but then after a while, it got boring because there were so many younger children and only a few older ones. The teachers spend most of their attention to the younger ones and not that much attention to the older ones.Through this it got boring for the older ones. Carolin, who is also from the 9th grade went to this club because she wanted to do another sport but she had the same experience as Sophie. However, they were glad to learn some simple things about playing basketball. I also took part in this club and enjoyed it, but I think it would be better to split the students into different age groups.

Another offering is the soccer club, which was every Monday and supervised by professianal trainers, from Eintracht Franfurt. Again, many younger students and a few older ones went to this club. Lukas, a boy from the 9th grade, went there with the expectations that he could play many soccer games and to improve his play. He expected a little bit more, however had a good time because he likes really to play soccer and wanted to do something different then his normal sport activity.

Finally, the club I analysed was the Cinema Club from Mr.Brightman. He offered this club every Friday. Some students, wanted to go to this club expecting to learn how an actor acts and to analyse movies. They were a little bit sad that they only watched movies, but they had a lot of fun with the good movies they watched and the funny people in the club. Vivien, a girl from this club, also found it an interesting experience because she found out how many differences between movies could be, and it was also nice for her that they could decide which movies they want to see.

Even though the expectations from some students were not all realized the students had a good experience overall and found it enjoyable. Now, they all look forward to the new club attractions.

Club Updates