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After visiting the Houses of Parliament and the National Gallery, we went to a special Garden Show. The Garden Show was really interesting and we saw a lot of different styles of the english culture in a garden. Then, we all had free time and went shopping to the Oxford Street, which is one of the most expensive streets.
Today, we met first Mr. Koini's wife with their children. Afterwards, we went all together to the train station. Then, we went to a huge castle and discovered it. The most exciting part of this day was the PFERDERENNEN. All of us bet on each horse but only a few of us won. After this nice experience, we all got invited by Mr. Koini to eat  huge burger.s This dinner was really good and all of us enjoyed it. THANKS.
Tomorrow, we will go to the National History Museum and will watch the last game; Germany against Uruguay. Hopefully, we will just get the third place, so our boys won't get aggressisve or cry.
Write yaa in the next few days....

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