Dear Readers,

Today, Saturday, was our final day in Berekfürdő. We started the day with a nice breakfast, which was a bit different today, because we also had three different kinds of pastry. After we all came together, we started our last walk to the working place. We were all motivated and ready to reach our goal and finish the project.

We had several jobs to do, so we divided in different groups:
  • One group had to complete the sanding on the back side of the house.
  • The next group continued with the plastering of the joints which we started  yesterday.
  • Another group finished some drilling that had to be done and also fixed the Styrofoam in places.
  • In addition there was another group that helped tidy up the work site, tools and scaffolds.
After everything was done and checked by Sandor, we were all very surprised that we finished so early. Sandor and Mr. Brightman wanted us to take a group photo in front of our work, which we are very proud of.

The 10th grade team celebrates the completion of phase one of the renovation project in Berekfürdő.
We had the rest of the day off, and most of us used this chance to go swimming or to go to the supermarket to buy some water and sweets. However, in the afternoon it started to rain, and we had to stay inside the hotel. Later on, some students helped to prepare the BBQ, which we planned for our last dinner in Berekfürdő.  After the nice dinner, everyone presented an award to someone else and made a short speech about it.

At the end, Mr. Brightman and Frau Boos also made a speech about everyone, and we thanked Sandor and Edit for their hard work and the well-organized program.

By Martin Henzel and Marcel Papert

Andreas Koini
5/29/2011 06:58:10 pm

I hope you will have the chance to maintain the blog in Budapest - otherwise I will miss the daily update and photo check.
Well done all of you!!! We are looking forward to have you back.


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