Dublin! - The SIS Times
Enjoying street culture in the Temple Bar area
Pia:  I had a really funny day in Dublin.  There were a lot of crazy people with funny styles.  Sometime, I would like to go back to Dublin to see more of this nice city.

Johanna:  Dublin is a crazy city.  I liked it very much.  The people have a cool style.  It was an amazing day!

Kelly:  I liked the day in Dublin very much because the people were open and the whole city had a good mood.  I like the crazy people and St. Stephens Green.  It was a lovely day for everyone, and we had a lot of fun.

Lena:  The day in Dublin was very cool.  I liked the shopping, and there were nice shops.  In Dublin, they have such a different style, and there are parks everywhere.  St. Stephens Green was nice but a little bit full.

Larissa:  The day in Dublin was very interesting, and I saw a lot of things I have never seen before like the different colours of the doors of the houses.  Also, the people there were kind of special because of their styles.  This city also has a lot of business, but I had a lot of fun there and would visit Dublin again.

Melissa:  I really liked the punk style in Dublin and enjoyed watching them. 

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