The Christmas Disco
By Sara Oezdemir, Salma Ehab and Celina Blam

At the Christmas Disco, we had lots of fun because everybody was very motivated to dance and to have a good time at school! Everybody danced and also some of the teachers were dancing. But when there was no good music people stood in groups and took pictures or we just talked about some random stuff. People got along in a good way, and nothing bad happened. Everything was good even though people did not buy lots of food and drinks that evening. Even Mr. Lee was impressed because nearly everybody helped to tidy up afterwards. People enjoyed doing some childish activities, and some of the people thought about that night like it was a little break from all the studying we had to do the last few weeks. People had very high expectations about that night, and even though it was not like a real disco, it was fun. Some other people thought that it would be great to have a real DJ for one night so that we would have had something like a real disco party, but people enjoyed it even though the DJ was a student from grade 6.