Interview with Ms. Niculae-Evans
By Sergio Calderon

Ms. Niculae-Evans, MYP Art & Technology teacher
Mrs. Niculae-Evans
Art; Design & Technology Teacher

Where are you from?
I was born in Bucharest, Romania.

Where did you work before coming to SIS?
I worked in a school in Liverpool, England.

What languages are you able to speak?

I can fluently speak Romanian, English and Spanish. Right now I’m trying to learn Russian.

What sports do you like or practice?
I love ice-skating, alpine-skiing and playing football. I was part of the teacher team who won the football tournament organized by grade 10!

Why did you come to SIS?
Because I wanted to work at a brand-new international school, that works with the IB programme.

What do you think about Frankfurt?
Frankfurt is a very interesting and organized city. It is like the Manhattan of Europe because it's the center of European business and the European Central Bank.

Is there anyone you look up to or admire?
Eva Zeisel, who is my favourite designer. She was the person who wrote the industrial ceramics programme, and I even had the pleasure to meet her!

How is it to work with student that come different places?
I found it lovely, fantastic, interesting, and last but not least, very rewarding.