Expectations about The SIS Times
By Vivien Jahn

Many important newspapers have a website to inform their readers as quickly as they can. However, many readers still have suggestions to make the virtual newspapers better. They have particular expectations about the offering of these websites.

The Strothoff International School, a newly opened school in Dreieich, is creating a totally new virtual school magazine. The students of the 9th grade of the Strothoff International School are the guinea pigs of this project. They’re the first reporters and writers of the SIS Times, and the expectations about the design, articles and extras are high. “I want a website that represents our school in a good way. It should have a nice layout, so that everybody likes to go on this site and to read the newest articles,” said Romy, a 7th-grader at the Strothoff International School. Most of the interviewed students have the same opinion. The website has to be attractive and represent the school in a good light. Sara, a pupil of the 9th grade, also says: “I want a school magazine website which is better than the other virtual magazines of anybody else. A website that stands out.” So the pressure on the writers and reporters of the SIS Times is high.

The main point of this website is to inform the students, teachers, parents and even other people, about news from the Strothoff International School, from a student’s perspective. The articles of the SIS Times have to be informative, but they should also be a little bit funny. “The website should be fun so that everybody likes to visit it. It also shouldn’t have only informative articles, maybe also games and quizzes,” said Sophie, a 9th-grader at the Strothoff International School.

There are not only expectations about the website, there are also criticisms. The pupils want the good, old and printed newspapers as the school magazine. “I think after a while the pupils won’t go on this site anymore because they wouldn’t think about it or it isn’t interesting. But if you have a printed school magazine you would see it every month or week and you know there is something new,” said Julia, a student of the 9th grade. The opinions will never be the same and also the expectations about the school magazine.

Expectations determine our lives in different ways, they decide if we like it in the first place or not. The students of the Strothoff International School have particular expectations about this project and remark them to help the SIS Times to get better, which will help to build up this new virtual school magazine.

We will keep our fingers crossed for this project.

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