A Day in the Life of a 9th Grader
By Carolin Dosch

Now, it is 7:00 in the morning, and my mum is coming in my room to wake me up for school. I get out of my bed and use the 40 minutes I have to dress myself, eat breakfast and feed my pets. At 7:40, my mum and I are driving off to school. When we arrive at school, I go in and up to my first lesson, homeroom, where I meet all my friends and other students.

My friends and I are all sitting around a table, and we are talking about the problems we had with our homework and what we did yesterday. After the 15 minutes homeroom, all of us have 2 lessons, each one 55 minutes with a 5 minute break. During all our lessons, the teachers and the students have high expectations. My class has different expectations of the teachers. For example, Sara wants, ”a good learning clime and motivated teacher.” Pia expects “interesting lessons and a teacher who pushes you, to get better.” The teachers want us to collaborate and concentrate in their lessons.

When the bell rings, we all go downstairs to spend our break outside, on the sofas or in the bistro. In the bistro we can buy us sandwiches for breakfast but the teacher expect us, to put all the rubbish in the bin and leave everything clean. Thirty minutes after the break, we have two more lessons. In our lessons, we are working individually with laptops, Internet, books etc.Every teacher can give us homework, and we are expected to prepare them of next the day.

At 12:35, all the MYP students go to the bistro for lunch, and we all have to line up to choose a menu. When we had finished eating, we sit around and chat with each other. Then at 13:10, we all go back to school together and can do whatever we want during the next 20 minutes; play outside, chill out or have fun. When the bell rings the second time, we all have to go immediately to our last two lessons of the day. After we have concentrated the last 55 minutes, we can go home. I say goodbye to my friends and go outside where my mum is waiting for me to drive me home. Later, when I arrive at home I will prepare everything for the next day, like most if the other students. I chill out for the rest of the day until I go to bed. Next day my mum wakes me up at the again at 7:00 and a new school day starts!