World Maths Day on the Run!
By Samuel Juncker Tierney

Fabian Horn enjoying World Maths Day

The world competed in a 48 hour online competition on March the 2nd. It was an extraordinary event because we broke the world record. Participant Fabian Horn had this to say about the event, “I like doing maths so it is a good opportunity to play World Maths day”.
Strothoff international school participated in the 48 hour online math fun for the first time. Samuel Juncker, a student at Strothoff, was the World Maths day ambassador for Germany. He had the opportunity to write blogs to the world about World Maths day in Germany.

The 48 hour World Maths day wasn’t really 48 hours because it extended into March the 4th. The math competition was made to make people love math. The owners and directors of world maths day and Mathletics mixed math and games together to make math fun and exciting.

Strothoff International School participated in world maths day and answered a total of 99,000 questions. The world answered 540 million questions which broke the world record.

The students at Strothoff International want to give a big thanks to their teacher, Mr. Q, for organising this big event.