World Maths Day Kick-Off
By Jana Oezdemir

Charlie Juncker on World Maths day

The world participated in an online maths challenge, this past March 2nd and 3rd, to break the world record for most correct questions answered. This was the first time Strothoff International School participated in this global competition. Participant Charlie Juncker said, “I liked the event because you can learn math in a fun way”.
Students, adults or any participant could log on to at home, at school, or anywhere there was internet access. Some students were even using their iPod and iPhone  to play in the event.

Strothoff international school was part of this math event so that everyone could get better in mathematics. Many students got a feeling to get better in math just because of the fantastic idea to win an iPod or iPhone.  

Samuel Juncker, a student at Strothoff, had the privileged position of Maths Day ambassador. He was the only one in all of Germany.

Strothoff international school had 99,000 points. The whole world got 540 million points. This was a new world record. Mr.Q did all of this work, so a big thanks to him.