Who Is the Student Council?
By Salma Ehab

Last month, we had a big election for the student council. All teachers and students that I interviewed liked the idea of the reps because it’s good for Mr. Koini and Mr. Lee to hear the students’ voice and ideas. It allows certain students who are elected to say ideas about the school  and take care of it. Student reps will have to learn what it means to be a leader. 

Other things people said about the program is that because it’s a new school, we must have new ideas. Every day, we learn new things about the program. The leaders need to know how to communicate these ideas to Mr. Koini.

I did not like how the class reps were chosen. Why not make a test and from the grade we have the reps? People that I interviewed said that “you must have someone voted so that everybody likes him or her so that they will take the class reps seriously.” Some didn’t like just voting. They said, that there has to be a campaign, and then the one who  wants to be the rep tells the students what they are going to do and then the students vote. That’s what I like and  find more interesting.