Who Do You Look Up To?
By Mick Segner

Ideals: The word has many meanings one of them is a person you look up to it’s like and Idol. So I had that one Question below in my head.

Who do you look up to: a family member or a famous person?

It’s an interesting question. The opinions are not always the same. For my project I made a survey and my whole Humanities class including my teacher took this survey. The answers were interesting and not how I thought they would be.

9 of 11 people’s ideal is a family member. And just 2 person’s ideal is a famous person. One person that thinks that you don’t need an ideal and it’s better to be yourself. I think it’s great that neither of TV and radio there are so many people which just look up to the family. I think it’s kind of depending on the age, interests and talents.  Many people that for example have a sport hobby and want to work in the sport business they could have a great player as ideal. When somebody for example has a great voice he maybe gets an ideal of a great singer. Often little kids that are like dreaming of a carrier in some business they have another ideal.

I think there are two types of famous and family member ideals. There is on one side the type of ideal which is very talented and reached what you also want to reach or there is the type that did something really great and because of that you have high respect of that person.

In my survey I also had the question:  Why do you look up to this person?

And every answer was different. There were some real interesting answers like:

I look up to my family because my parents "done a really good job", because they have (or we) have a nice family without so much or/and bad problems. But I look also up to famous people because they have reached a lot, because they are very famous and they use this to make al lot of money. And i think an ideal person is both: this person can do something with itself and should be able to have a "good" family. (:

A very good answers because you should have high respect of everyone no matter if they are famous or not. There were many answers that their ideal is not perfect but he or she gets everything good in a role so he or she’s their ideal.

To have ideals is a great thing no matter if they are famous or not. And everyone has their own opinion and reason to their ideal, so I hope for everyone that some when he reaches what he wants to or what the ideal is.