What Are Ideals?
By Angela Pulver

The following articles are about ideals but what exactly are ideals?

To find out the answer to this question I have asked many students from different grades and mostly they said that an ideal is someone who is always perfect and makes no mistakes. The ideal is always true to him/herself and surely to others.  He/she is never lying and always behaves as a role model for others (that means he/she is nice, kind and helpful to others and always does the right things and “doesn’t choose the wrong way”.)These answers they gave me were very interesting because they actually just repeated what I have already heard from the other people I have asked but it was surprised that just a few actually thought about the ideal being a role model for others. But ideals don’t always have to be people. There are also other kinds of ideals for example you. You surely have ideals because you want to reach your goal so you work hard to get it and that is called a personality ideal.

Ideals are…

  • Goals and levels you put for yourself which you want to reach
  • People you like, look up to, and are role models for you (they can be both famous and in everyday live for example, friends and family members)
  • Fantasy and imagination, a dream world
  • Something perfect which has perfection on the maximum.
  • Your best characteristics
  • Something or someone better than you who you want to bet.
  • Parents are ideals without even knowing it (or the children not wanting it but they are still our ideals we can’t change that)
  • Teachers can be ideals

Mostly people think that ideals are something good and perfect and this is not wrong but Hitler was an ideal... many people looked up to him and also wanted to be as powerful  as Hitler. That’s why they set goals for themselves and started to get into the idea of ideals without even really thinking about it. So as you see there are negative and positive ideals now it’s up to you to choose the right type so your ideal doesn’t make any bad influence on you. If you got interested in the idea of ideals then you better keep reading because now you will see the great articles

  • Mick Segner who is writing about ideals (famous or family)
  • Sergio Calderon who is writing about how an ideal life would be
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  • Philipp Kappenberger who is writing about ideal day
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You better not miss their articles or you will feel sorry if you don’t read them. :)