Wake up early in the morning, not relaxed but full of fear. Continue with the first fire fight. Having breakfast and instead of a relaxing after it the second fire fight is on. A short lunch and then the next fire fight. Up to seven fire fights a day is the usual day routine of a soldier based at a remote Afghan outpost. Those guys don’t have an easy live. But the war doesn’t really hurt the soldiers. The person that got hit by such a war are the civilians that live under the conditions of friends and family dying, soldiers controlling them every day. The sound of guns and war heard mainly all of the time. If you still think a soldiers life is harder, than think about that point. The soldiers chose to go into war and those civilians didn’t all they ever wanted is peace and wealth. They want their country like how it has used to be. Mothers and child are addicted of a drug called Opium, because they have no money and need to be stilled anyhow. They have a hard life and that’s just because they love their country. Why could that be like this  and what’s the only solution to that?

By Mick Segner

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