The Next Step to Take
By Sergio Calderon

Here at SIS, we’ve been through about four months, in which we all have seen our school developing and getting better. In these four months, we had amazing experiences and met cool people, but as a student, you first see what friends you can have, and then you think about academics, homework, or teaching quality. Some of us didn’t think that we would have as many changes as we are having.  We believed the teachers thought everything was going so well, but as Ernest Hemingway said, “to know a man and to know what he’s got in his head, are two very different things.” Now, finally talking about changes, one of the big changes we are to see is first the timetable change, which will make a very big difference in a student’s life.

Another big change will be splitting grades 7 and 8, which would be very good in the academic part. Somehow, the teachers and also some students freak out when they see our huge class sitting before math or music lessons, in which we waste a lot of time before starting because of the number of students in our class. However, these lessons are not the only lessons in which we have problems with this theme.

The other huge change will be the levels in English. For that, we’ll have three different groups: English Language B Foundation, Standard and Advanced. With that change, we will see how slowly students will start to speak English between them, as they get more learning and pressure from their teachers (as I think will be). With that we can start seeing how SIS’ climate changes from having people speaking in German between them, to have them speaking in English, as their English level grows.

We still don’t know if we are going to have more major changes this year, but for now, we just keep sitting waiting for our laptops to come, for our school to finally run as everybody wants it to, and have the same prestige as other great international schools. We will see what faces people come with after Christmas break, but for now Merry Christmas for all of us at SIS.