The New MYP Library
By Sama Ehab

Three students reading in the new MYP Library
If you like reading, then you will like this article. Until now, the Atelier had nothing for us to read, but when the MYP library is done, it will have books for us to read. There will be larger books because it is for MYP students.  From now on the PYP and MYP libraries will be separate.

As Mr. Ford wishes, the library will open on the 7th December. There will be almost all of the old books from down stairs will be moved and some other new books added.  And don’t worry we will also have comics. We can also check-out books from upstairs, and we will have the Atelier as our reading room. In the Atelier, there will be more computers to use and more space to sit. Mr. Ford will be both MYP and PYP librarian.

I think you will enjoy reading or doing your homework in our new library. I bet that all of you will go straight away when the library opens to read. Remember, it is a place to read not to talk.  Please complete the following survey, so we can do the MYP library better! 

Working Together to Find the Perfect Book for Class