The Laptops Are Coming But When?
By Julian Kreyer

With the time, the humans are more and more depending on technology. Technology is required for education, for the job and the living in this world because the human is confronted every time with technology, which makes it so important to know how to use it. For this reason, the Strothoff International School –SIS- works with laptops and other technical equipment.

The students of the SIS showed in some interviews, that they are much exited that the school works with laptops, because they have not to carry heavy books in their bags to school, they can find information much faster in the internet and it is a motivation to learn. They hope, the laptops are not heavy and are fast in every process e.g. for surfing in the internet.

Mr. Lee, head of the MYP of the SIS said that the school do not really need the laptops, but it makes it easier for the teachers to prepare more exciting lessons and exercises and work with the students. However, laptops will not replace the more traditional types of lessons in this school. The laptops provide a better education for the students, because they can do researches much faster and everything is better organised than normal folders for the school. Another reason for using laptops in school is, that books are so heavy and big, so the school decided to have electronic books which are programmed on the laptops.

Against playing computer games on the school computers, SIS wants to develop a policy that all students must agree to. If students go against this policy, they will be banned from using them for a period of time. There will also be blocks on websites, for example that we as a school feel you should not be accessing whilst in school. Primarily, this is to make sure the students are concentrating on school work, not just to strict about what you can and cannot do on the laptops.


There is a simple explanation why they are delivered late.  They are so late, because the quote from Dell was too expensive, so Mr. Koini is currently negotiating, or discussing with Intel/Adobe for different type of laptop. Soon all students will be able to experiment with the proposed new laptops as part of a trial programme. The other reason why the arrival of the laptops is still not set is, that the school need a full-time IT Manager in school to help when there are problems with the laptops. There have already been a number of problems with the computers that are already at school and nobody is there all day to fix the problems. Mr. Koini is working hard to find someone who could take on this job. (For more information about the laptops visit the following link: