Student Council: an Introduction by the President

My name is Julia Katharina Schneider and I am a student of the 10th grade. As the president of the Student council, I actively lead the whole group of the StudentCouncil. My jobs are totally differently but the list looks like this:

- actively lead the student council
- open and conduct all meetings
- act as the liason between the StudentCouncil and the administration
- have the right to call meetings as he or she sees fit
- reserve the right to make emergency decisions with consent of the vice-president
- prepare an agenda for each meeting in conjunction with the Vice-President
-see that all motions passed by the student council are carried out
- see that all problems within the student council are solved and dealt with

Thank you and remember that if you have anything you want to tell us, please send a message to us by filling in the form in the right.

Sincerely Yours,

Julia Katharina Schneider
President of the Student Council 2010-2011
Grade 10

2010-2011 Student Council
2010-2011 Student Council

Members of the Student Council 2010-2011

President of the Student Council
Julia Katharina Schneider - Grade 10

Pia Wagner - Grade 10

Mick Segner - Grade 9

General Secretary
Caroline Schneider - Grade 8

Social Coordinators
Sara Özdemir - Grade 10
Pascal Drummer - Grade 9
Maxim Junker - Grade 7

    If you have any suggestions, problems, questions, or ideas for our Student Council, please fill in the form below. Thank You!

Class Representatives 2010-2011

Grade 6
Alin Sezen

Grade 7
Levin Wirth

Grade 8
Tammo Schmitt

Grade 9
Sergio Calderón

Grade 10
Vivien Jahn