Student Trips
By Sara Özdemir

The topic I am going to talk about is trips. I have chosen this topic because I think that the trips are very important for a class. It helps the class to get a better community and it also helps every single person to find a person they want to become friends with. That is why I think trips are important, but I also think trips are important because when you make a class trip you do things like going to museums and to places that are important and you can not say that you want to stay at the hotel or something like that.

I have interviewed some people in my class to know where they would like to go for a class trip. Vivien J. Said that she would like to go to America especially to New York because of her English. Many other people also told me that they would like to go to New York because of their English. Then I have interviewed Pia W. And she told me that she would like to go and visit England also because of her English but also because things you could visit in England. I think that it would be great to make some trips to other countries because that way you can learn many things by seing them in reality. We could go and have a look at different cities that we have not seen yet, and we could play games as a class and get a real community and that way we can find friends for life.