Rihanna's Fabulous Frankfurt Concert
By Emin Statovci

The Rihanna concert in Frankfurt was more than fabulous for those who attended.

It was colourful and also freaky. Rihanna came out in a big pink tank; the big tank wasn’t a real tank, but rather an old tank that was converted for her show. She also featured the famous DJ Ray D!

It was quiet when the show started, but immediately when Rihanna came out, the noise couldn’t mess with a Formula 1 race! Everybody shouted “RIHANNA!”  She started to sing “Russian Roulette,” which spent 2 weeks on the Top 10 worldwide charts.

After a while, she stopped and left the stage. Everyone in the Festhalle was thinking that it was over, but then, she came out again  with another fabulous outfit and sang four more songs.

Here is the tracklist that she performed in Frankfurt:
Intro – Madhouse
2. Russian Roulette
3. Hard
4. Shut Up And Drive
5. Fire Bomb
6. Disturbia
7. Rockstar 101
8. Rude Boy
9. Hate That I Love You
10. Rehab
11. Unfaithful
12. Stupid in Love
13. Te Amo
15. Photographs
16. Pon the Replay
17. Don’t Stop The Music
18. Breaking Dishes
19. Man’s Touch (New Song)
20. Let Me
21. SOS
22. Take A Bow
23. Wait Your Turn
24. Live Your Life
25. Run This Town
26. Umbrella