The Opening Party
By Caroline Schneider

 On the 24th of August 2009, the inauguration of the Strothoff International School was celebrated in Dreieich.

At the beginning, people registered in the school’s guestbook. In addition, guests were served snacks and drinks like apple juice, water, cake and pretzels. The photographers took several pictures of the children in their uniforms. After lively opening music, personalities such as Hans Strothoff and the director, Andreas Koini, introduced themselves to the children.  After Mr. Koini gave each child a Strothoff International School backpack, the red ribbon of the school was cut. The children stormed into their new school and were allowed to look at everything. In different rooms, they met their Homeroom classmates and teachers. There were a group of musical instruments in their future music area where all the new students could try the instruments.

Here are some quotes from students:

Good things: Many students liked the food and drinks a lot. And the students liked that they were the first to see the school. They liked the weather and the good music. And they liked the nice backpack. They also liked the automatic toilets.

Bad Things: That the Speeches were so long and that it was so hot. Some people didn’t like the food! And some of them thought that the personalities only talked to the parents.

Strothoff International School had a fantastic Opening celebration, a day nobody will ever forget!
The students excitedly wait for the ribbon cutting ceremony!
Students in their uniforms!
The first visit of the school!