New MYP Teacher Brings Cool Ideas
By Sama Ehab


In February 2010, we a got new librarian because Mr. Ford needed to go away. He is also a science teacher to grades 7-8. Mr. Peter Rider is the new librarian from the Newcastle, United Kingdom.  He came to SIS because it is a new school, since Mr. Rider likes working at new schools because it is easier to work there. He also likes the school because it is in Germany and he already taught in Heidelberg. He also likes German culture, and he thinks it will be a challenge working at SIS. He has taught English, Humanities, and Sports in Indonesia, Thailand, UK, and Heidelberg. His hobbies are travelling, tennis, hiking, football and cricket. He likes working with students because of their enthusiasm, positive attitude and because they like to learn. He also sounds fun to students.

His favourite book is Pride and Prejudice. His favourite author is Nil Gaimann. He plans to start programs for example: Literacy, poetry competition, book week, and international books. Mr. Rider would like to have international books because he would like us to know what other cultures read. Book week is like a week in which we read a lot and have activities and for us to buy books.  A poetry competition is a competition where you write poems and win prizes. The new librarian is very funny and he has lots of hobbies and it will be easy to like him.