This day we went first to the Balliol college in Oxford and a friend of Mr Koini showed us the whole building. It was a very nice college with cool and intresting rooms. After we finished our tour through this college we drove with the bus to the Blenheim palace in Woodstock. We watched the nice building and its all around. Even the weather was very bad we enjoyed this trip very well. We went inside, the door closed automatically and a womens voice called our "ghost" has shown up. The rooms were decorated like somebody is still living there, wax people were moving and looked very real. After this tour through the fantastic mention and the very nice garden we went homewards, some went shopping and the others chilled out and made face masks to relax :D !
See yaaa tomorrow :)

This is the nice Blenheim palace :) !!!


Nice!I learn a little bit more every week about what being a SAHD means.


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