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Day 1:
After a nice and relaxing flight we arrived safely in London Heathrow Terminal 5. Unfortunately Maurice's luggage did not arrive, but hey he was lucky as he did not have to carry it to the hotel. First station was a supermarket at the airport where our starving students had their first encounter with English cousine: BLT, relish etc. - not to everybodies taste, but finally all were fed ...
Piccadilly Circus, Oxford street, Green Park and a football game in front of Buckingham Palace were followed by an Indian Curry in the afternoon and evening.

Day 2:
We started off with a ride to Tower Bridge on one of London's famous double decker busses. Inside the tower the crown jewels, armoury of Henry VIII and guards who are not allowed to move - much to the joy of our boys who teased them and tried to get out a reaction - were the great attraction. Again hunger was a major obstacle to overcome afterwards and Spittalfields Market in the middle of business London provided us with the necessary amounts of asian specialties.
Our daily football match and hang out time took place in St James's Park afterwords, sourrounded by some of the most famous buildings in London which were even appreciated after reducing the "excess amount of adrenalin" in our nearly grown up students  through our games in the park session.
London Eye in the sunset finished our day and much to our suprise and joy we wittnessed a young man proposing to his fiance in the gondola next to us.
What a great day!!!

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