At Wednesday we went to the house were Shakespear was born. It was very interresting to see how the people lived many years ago. Everything was decorated like the years from Shakespear and in the house everybody was dressed like them.
Shakespear was a very imporant person. Without him lots of things, for example.:
-Romeo and Juliet, maybe the most famous story what he did. Everybody knows it.
-Acts for the theatre

and lots of other things what are important.

Than we had some hours to walk through Oxford.

Thursday: We just went to an outlet and chilled out with our friends and had fun toghether. Then we went to Oxford and went shopping.

from Romy.
This day we went first to the Balliol college in Oxford and a friend of Mr Koini showed us the whole building. It was a very nice college with cool and intresting rooms. After we finished our tour through this college we drove with the bus to the Blenheim palace in Woodstock. We watched the nice building and its all around. Even the weather was very bad we enjoyed this trip very well. We went inside, the door closed automatically and a womens voice called our "ghost" has shown up. The rooms were decorated like somebody is still living there, wax people were moving and looked very real. After this tour through the fantastic mention and the very nice garden we went homewards, some went shopping and the others chilled out and made face masks to relax :D !
See yaaa tomorrow :)

This is the nice Blenheim palace :) !!!

First we all went to breakfast like every morning. We were still sad that germany lost the semi-final against spain.
After breakfast we went to Portobello market , where we bought souvenieres and other stuff. It was amaizing how large the market was. You need over one hour to just walk  straight thorugh the market and its shops. At noon we went to the Hide Park and chilled out in the wonderful gardens. Then we went to the big national history museum where the movie "Nachts im Museum" was filmed. We only stayed abou 20 minutes because we all wanted to see the Harrods shopping center. It was unbelieveble how big it was.

Sunday was a great day. We went to Brighton Sea side. It was a very nice place with high waves and a big pier with a rollercoaster and alots of other things that you can find on a year market. We all went swimming in the ocean but the water a bit cold. We then had the chance to walk around on the streets. We had a great time together at the sea side.

We took the comfortable bus from London to Oxford and went to our new accomination. The rooms are  really big, nice and clean. It is a lot better than the hostel in London. Mr. Koini showed us some typical colleges in Oxford City. He said that lots of people wanted to go to college in Oxford. Then we had over an hour to walk trough Oxford. In the evening we watched the play of Shakespear. It was very well played and funny.

By Romy, Fritz and Mick.
After visiting the Houses of Parliament and the National Gallery, we went to a special Garden Show. The Garden Show was really interesting and we saw a lot of different styles of the english culture in a garden. Then, we all had free time and went shopping to the Oxford Street, which is one of the most expensive streets.
Today, we met first Mr. Koini's wife with their children. Afterwards, we went all together to the train station. Then, we went to a huge castle and discovered it. The most exciting part of this day was the PFERDERENNEN. All of us bet on each horse but only a few of us won. After this nice experience, we all got invited by Mr. Koini to eat  huge burger.s This dinner was really good and all of us enjoyed it. THANKS.
Tomorrow, we will go to the National History Museum and will watch the last game; Germany against Uruguay. Hopefully, we will just get the third place, so our boys won't get aggressisve or cry.
Write yaa in the next few days....
This day was really amazing. We went to a Fun Park and drove every single ACHTERBAHN. The weather was kind of good; not that sunny but it didn't rain. Absolutely, all of us enjoyed the first part of this day. In the evening, we all watched the game Germany against Spain. This was the worst part of this day because Germany lost the game. Most students were sad and some of our boys started to cry. :( Naturally, we all know that this was just a football game and that we will win the WM 2014. Therefore, we all will enjoy this whole trip for our last 4 days here in London and we are excited to discover Oxford for the last days of this nice holiday trip.
Tomorrow, our plan is to see a nice garden show. We will learn about different garden stlyes and their differences. On the way to the garden show, we will check out the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
Day 1:
After a nice and relaxing flight we arrived safely in London Heathrow Terminal 5. Unfortunately Maurice's luggage did not arrive, but hey he was lucky as he did not have to carry it to the hotel. First station was a supermarket at the airport where our starving students had their first encounter with English cousine: BLT, relish etc. - not to everybodies taste, but finally all were fed ...
Piccadilly Circus, Oxford street, Green Park and a football game in front of Buckingham Palace were followed by an Indian Curry in the afternoon and evening.

Day 2:
We started off with a ride to Tower Bridge on one of London's famous double decker busses. Inside the tower the crown jewels, armoury of Henry VIII and guards who are not allowed to move - much to the joy of our boys who teased them and tried to get out a reaction - were the great attraction. Again hunger was a major obstacle to overcome afterwards and Spittalfields Market in the middle of business London provided us with the necessary amounts of asian specialties.
Our daily football match and hang out time took place in St James's Park afterwords, sourrounded by some of the most famous buildings in London which were even appreciated after reducing the "excess amount of adrenalin" in our nearly grown up students  through our games in the park session.
London Eye in the sunset finished our day and much to our suprise and joy we wittnessed a young man proposing to his fiance in the gondola next to us.
What a great day!!!