ISSA Girls Basketball Tournament 2011

The Strothoff International School- Girls Basketball team met at 10:30 at the Frankfurt airport. The flight was comfortable and everybody was excited. When we arrived at the Southbank International School, we met our host families and went directly to their houses in London.

The morning after we met at Southbank International School, London. Then drove to Egham International School. Arrived we were the first ones to play. We played very hard for each game. After our third game we had some free time. We used the time for lunch, had a chat with players from the other teams. It was very exciting to meet very kind students from England, France, Spain and Portugal.

After the first day of tournament we drove back to Southbank and our hosting families. The families planned different activities for us like London sight seen and going out for dinner.  


Second day at ISSA

Our second day we met at Southbank at 08.30h. We had the chance to go to our next tournament by a classic English double Decker bus. Our destination today: Marymount International School (MMI).

Our first game was against the first of group A, International School of Aberdeen (Will win the Tournament later on). We were fighting very hard with good defense and played very well totally. Thanks for the loud and kind support from the whole audience and especially from the girls of Southbank. It was one of these special moments you sometimes have at tournaments.
For our next game all of us changed their hair style to a very nice twisted ponytail. You had the chance to find this special appearance in the way the team played. Everybody was fighting for the team and you could see exceptional teamwork.
After the tournament we drove back to Southbank. Half of the team went to their hosting parents and half of us went shopping in London.


Third day at ISSA

The third day of tournament we spend at Royal Holloway University. It was impressing to see the facilities where the sports elite is training like Usain Bolt, Linford Christie and the English National Team … And now us:)

The day started with our last game at the ISSA tournament. The team was playing very well and fighting very hard. After the game we watched the last game of Southbound International School. Everybody was shouting, singing and made noise very loud to support. Southbank played very good and won the game. Congratulations in this way for the 4th place. 
After that we spend the time relaxing, met the boys team of Deutsche Schule London and waited for the Tournament Ceremony.

The ceremony started early so everybody had enough time to take their planes. All participating teams of the girls and boys tournament met in the main sports hall. The ceremony started and we were mentioned first. So the whole team went on stage and got badges from ISSA. Before the winners of the trophies for 3rd, 2nd and 1st place were named, the biggest trophy for “Sportsmanship” were presented. At the same time the organizer said: Strothoff International School…Everybody of our team was silent, watched each other and suddenly realized that he mend us. What a big surprise and honor at our first games and tournament for the school ever.

The whole tournament is over and we went proud, exhausted but happy to the airport. Arrived at the airport we had a few hours free time which we spent eating, shopping and recovering from all the hard work.

Thanks a lot to the kind hosting  families, the organization of ISSA and the other girls/friends we met in London. We really enjoyed the time and appreciate being part of the family of ISSA Tournaments.

See you next year.