Interview with Ms. Wilson
By Sergio Calderon

Ms. Wilson, MYP English teacher
Ms. Wilson
English teacher

Where are you from?

I am from Australia.

Where did you work before coming to SIS?
I worked at the Sultan's School in Oman

What languages are you able to speak?
I can speak English and German.

What sports do you like or practice?
I practice a lot of sports. I like swimming, diving, netball, unihoc, gym and others.

What do you think about Frankfurt?
I really like the city because it is very important within Europe and Germany, and it is also very international.

Is there anyone you look up to or admire?
The person that I admire the most is my husband. Other people that I also admire are Barack Obama, Oprah and Nelson Mandela.

How is it to work with student that come different places?
Great! It is interesting and you learn new things all the time.