Interview with Ms. Jones
By Sergio Calderon

Ms. Jones, MYP Humanities teacher
Ms. Jones
Humanities teacher

Where are you from?

I'm from Australia.

Where did you work before coming to SIS?
I worked in a school the United Arab Emirates.

What languages are you able to speak?

I can speak english, and some French and German.

What sports do you like or practice?
I love squash, cricket and football.

Why did you come to SIS?

I came to work here because I wanted to teach in Germany and to teach the IB Diploma Programme.

Is there anyone you look up to or admire?
I admire Eleanor Roosvelt, Franklin D. Roosvelt's wife, who was a co-founder of the present United Nations. 

How is it to work with student that come different places?
It is challenging, interesting and very rewarding!