An Interview with Mr. Koini
By Sergio Calderon

Mr. Koini, Head of School
Q. Mr Koini, first of all, thanks for accepting this interview. How did you get here? Coincidence, you were searching for it, or something personal?

A. I saw there was a job application, and I started to see what it was about. I actually get the opportunity to get more into it, and I asked myself, why not? I was another opportunity of job and life.

Q. How do you find Mr Strothoff, and his idea about the school?

A. Mr Hans Strothoff is a very open minded person. He has help children with good education, and spending his own fortune to give them an amazing education. For me, that describes a generous and brave person.

Q. “Investing in the young is investing in our future”, what do you think about that, and, are we applying that to our school?

A. I like that phrase, because it reflects my own thoughts, because you [children] are the future, and it's good to be knowledgeable, because you'll like to be like that.

Q. You were absent for the first weeks [three weeks about], how did you find school was, and what changes did you thought immediately about?

A. I thought that the people that first were here did a good job in the school. This school has been a very good job and place to be in, but I needed to hire more people, because to change is to develop. One of the changes we must work more about is the theme of community.

Q. There has been complaining about our laptops, and someone told me it would be “nice” to have them for Christmas? How is it actually working?

A. The computers are already here, but I am not sure, when we are going to use them. We are going to have a meeting with some people, to get this done by now. This theme has been blowing in the wind for lots of times, but we’ve wasted time because we want this to be the best for our pupils.

Q. Did you were the one that got the ideas about the uniform, or it was in cooperation with others?

A. I was not involved in choosing the uniforms, even thought, the pupils look good in it and it gives us a sense of community.

Q. You’ve lived in London, right? How is it like to teach in England, or even though in London? And how was that school different to ours?

A. My last school in London was already running, and it had about 700 pupils, and we had guys with 18-19 years old. The area was bigger than this, and we already had enough teachers.

Q. If there’s a philosopher or poet that you like, and you follow (his beliefs), who would that be?

A. I don’t have a philosopher, but I like people with interesting life. Of what I read, I admire people like Leonardo Da Vinci, or Galileo Galilee because they are knowledgeable persons and they can teach you a lot.

Q. How is it going to be more technological school?

A. The computers are now coming, and as well some other things in the future and every parent will have access and password to our new web-page.

Q. Do you think we can actually reach the prestige of other schools in Frankfurt like ISF and FIS?

A. I Think that will be within 4 to 5 years. It depends in our first IB diploma graduation in 2013, and to compare this to other schools like those is very difficult.

Q. How do you see the future for our school? And about the things that are not done yet?

A. The future, to us has different faces. The 1st of December, there will be a lot of changes introduced in lots of areas. The next school year would be more balanced and we'll have a better atmosphere school that the pupils will love to go, like they're doing now.