How Would an Ideal Life Be?
By Sergio Calderon

An ideal life might be different for different people depending on what people want. Some people may want to be a footballer and score tons of goals, or others may want to be politicians and be president of a country or others may want to be doctor and save others’ life. The point is that everybody has a different way and might want a different type of life, but most people have a certain goal in life.

Most people agree that an ideal life should have 3 things in it. The first thing that an ideal life should have is to be successful at any job you work. Therefore, one of the points of having an ideal life is to have the job of your dreams, like those that people say when they’re young. A good example of it is that if you want to be a politician, you might want to be president of your country, or become a remarkable politician throughout the political history of your country. So, to be successful at work is not as important as other things because people may think that they only want to have a lucky life.

Although a successful career could be one of the most important points of an ideal life, there are also other things such as building a family by getting married and having children that could be important to a person. To build a family isn´t on everyone´s plans, though is one of the most common things that somebody would say when talking about ideal lives. Thus, there are two very common types of families, the family with only one child and the family with more than one child. The family with one child would follow an easier life than a family with more than one child because of different reasons, something that a lot of people, especially Europeans, would rather. However, to build a family and to be successful at work are, according to people, not the most important things compared to our third complement.

This third complement, which people think is the most important one, is to have time to one itself. To have time to yourself means, to have a certain time in the day that you can fill however you want to, without having somebody else or something else that doesn’t allows you to. Everybody fills that time different, it can be by sleeping, reading or doing your own hobbies that can be such as playing an instrument or even collecting stamps from countries all over the world. So, no matter how you fill you time, it is always important to have time for your own.

I just want to say that an ideal life could have variety of meaning to everybody, but everyone says that an ideal life should be based on happiness. Those 3 things that an ideal life should have are pillars to reach happiness in life, what everybody wants in some way.