On 30th May, the 10th graders were divided into three teams and participated in the first-ever SIS Amazing Race in Budapest, Hungary.  It was a fierce day-long competition that was not decided until the very end.  The rules of the contest were as follows:

  1. You must stay with your team for the duration of today’s Amazing Race.  Working with any other team or leaving your team to hang out with another team will disqualify your team from the Amazing Race.  It will also mean forfeiting free time on Tuesday.
  2. You must prove successful visitation and/or participation in one activity from each category with photographic evidence of your group at the site and, when possible, documented evidence like a ticket stub, receipt or other proof.
  3. You have from 10.00-15.00 to complete the Amazing Race.  Meeting Point:  Vorosmarty Ter.

First Place = 20 points; Second Place = 10 points; Third Place = 5 points

(This ended up being a point of contention because two teams interpreted this as meaning they would receive 20 points for the first place they visited, 10 points for the second place they visited, etc., while the other team interpreted it correctly that the first team to finish would receive 20 points, etc.  Since two teams interpreted it incorrectly and challenged themselves to visit more than the bare minimum expected, the judges rewarded them accordingly.  Oh the fun of language learning!)

Category 1:  Religious Experience (20 points)
  • Dohany Synagogue:  Astoria (Red Line) or Deak ter (all lines)
  • Kerepesi Cemetery:  Keleti (Red Line)  Picture of Blaha Lujza’s grave required!  Maps available at entrance.
  • Matthias Church:  Moszkva tér, then bus no. 10; or Deák tér, then bus 16; or Funicular: From Clark Ádám tér to Castle Hill.  (10 bonus points if you use the funicular!)
Category 2:  Soviet Budapest (20 points)
  • Avenue of Youth Statue Park:  Nepstadion (Red Line)
  • Corvin Cinema Memorial, Corvin Köz 1:  Ferenc körut (Blue Line)
  • House of Terror, Andrassy utca 60:  Oktogon (Yellow Line)
Category 3:  Culture (20 points)
  • Parliament Tour:  Kossuth ter (Free for EU passport holders with passport as evidence.) 
  • Palace of Miracles Museum:  Moszkva tér (Red line), behind Mammut Mall
  • Children’s Railroad  (train run completely by young people):  To get to the Széchenyi-hegy terminus, take the same no. 56 tram from Moszkva tér two stations to the railroad (fogaskereku vasút) station (the railroad station is called Városmajor, and it is across the street from the Hotel Budapest, on Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor in Buda). One-way travel time on the railway is 45 minutes.

Category 4:  View of Budapest (20 points)
  • Danube Promenade between Elizabeth Bridge and Chain Bridge in Pest
  • Top of Gellert Hill
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica Observation Deck:  Arany János u. (Blue line) or Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út (Yellow line)

Category 5:  Food (20 points)
  • You must try one of the following foods:  Zsiroskenyer, Szekelykaposzta, Langos, Bundaskenyer, or Hortobágyi palacsinta. (5 bonus points for each extra food you try!)
  • Grand Market Hall (also called Central Market Hall) may be your best bet to find these foods near the Liberty Bridge in Pest.
Bonus Category:  Funnies (1 point for each picture)
  • Pictures of anything funny in Budapest:  souvenir, sign, statue, couple, man, woman, food, outfit, dog, etc.
The students also had a pre-race quiz based on the walking tour the day before and a final quiz at the end with riddles about each teacher at school that required students to discover the identity of 10 featured teachers.

Pictures tell the story much better, so check out each team's Amazing Race from last to first...

4th Place -- Fr. Boos & Mr. Brightman (144 points)

3rd Place -- Clarissa, Vivien, Julian & Carolin (157 points)

2nd Place -- Linda, Julia, Sara & Martin (158 points)
(More pictures will be added later due to technical difficulties.)

1st Place -- Pia, David, Marcel & Sophie (165 points)

Highlights from the SIS Amazing Race Budapest 2011

Winners of the Budapest Tour Quiz:  Julia, Linda, Sara & Martin 16/20 points

Winners of the Funniest Pictures Bonus Category:  Clarissa, Vivien, Julian & Carolin 14 points

Winners of the Teacher Quiz:  Pia, David, Marcel & Sara 16 points

First Team to the Meeting Point:  Clarissa, Vivien, Julian & Carolin

Andreas Koini
5/31/2011 07:49:02 pm

Great photos and great race, it looks like you had a lot of fun and got to know Budapest very well!


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