Thumbs up to Carolin who turned 16 today!
Dear Readers,

Day six was our second to last day at the work site, and we cannot wait until we discover the lovely capital of Hungary: Budapest.

At the work site we met our Project Coordinator’s girlfriend who was so kind to help us. There was a lot of work to do. We needed to plaster the joints between the styrofoam around the whole house. Another group took care of the missing details. The motivation from the first day came back, but the hard and exhausting working made us tired, which is why we took a nap in the sun on the Styrofoam after lunch. 

With new energy ,we grabbed the dust masks to sand down the rough surface of the plaster we had put on in the morning. We nearly finished the whole house and cleaned up a lot today. Because of that, we only need to work until lunchtime tomorrow. Hopefully we will reach our goal which we set on our first working day.

During the day, Edit, our Host Coordinator, drove small groups to Berekfürdő’s  townhall where we did a survey about Habitat for Humanity. We were asked about how we liked it and made  suggestions for improvement.

After work, everyone was happy to jump into the pool or take a shower to get rid of the plaster layered on our skin. The majority of our group took another nap before dinner.

For dinner, we went to the hotel across the street. The food was better than the days before, and we even had tasty cake because Carolin turned 16 today.

As every day, we had a reflection of the day after dinner. We made a one-on-one reflection  in speed dating style. The students in the outer circle always moved one seat to the left after each question whereas the inner circle stayed in their place. This allowed a deeper conversation between two students and forced us to share our opinions not only with our friends.

Examples of the Reflection Questions and answers:

    1.       Describe your favorite moment today.

    ·         Julian: Jumping into the pool after work.

    ·         Frau Boos: That everybody worked hard together the second to last day.

    2.       How were you different when you left the service location compared to when you entered?

    ·         Linda: I gained practical knowledge and saw people in poor housing situations which make me thankful about my life.

    3.        What have you learned about yourself?

    ·         David: If I have fun I even enjoy hard work.

    4.       If you were one of the people receiving services, what would you think of yourself?

    ·         Sophie: I think I would feel uncomfortable because I get this help for “free” but still happy because I can live a better life. 

After the reflection the teachers and Edit who is our host leader took us bowling as Carolin’s birthday surprise. This was a nice evening, and we all laughed and enjoyed playing billiards and bowling very much .

It was a long but nice day and everyone went to bed early.

By Linda Roth and Sophie Kappenberger

Andreas Koini
5/29/2011 04:45:35 am

Happy Birthday Caroline!
Your work looks great and I am sure you will feel very good after achieving all this. Enjoy your time in Budapest!

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