SIS 10th graders reporting to work!
Today was our first working day insulating a house in Berekfürdõ. Directly at 6.45 a.m. we had a nice breakfast. Afterwards, all of us walked 20 minutes to the house. Upon arrival, we met the woman living in the house, which we started insulating. All of us expected working with the people who we are serving and getting in contact with them. Actually, it worked out in another way because the owner has bipolar disorder, and therefore, she just gave us a smile and watched us working. It was a bit sad because we also wanted to come closer to the culture and the personal thoughts of people living here in Hungary.

Before we were able to start with the work, our instructor Sandor from Habitat for Humanity introduced us to all the safety guidelines. Different students had to do specific work, and the class split up in small groups. Working over the whole day was really hard because of the hot climate here in Hungary. We nearly worked for 8 hours but were able to take some breaks like our big lunch break where we got some food served. After lunch, everyone was tired but soon we were able to work again with a lot of motivation.  All of us did a great job in handling the material and showing great teamwork; even though there were sometimes little problems, we solved them all
finally . When we finished working, we cleaned the work site up and were happy to finish such a successful working day. The way back home was totally fun, because Sandor drove us with his big truck to the supermarket where we bought some snacks and drinks.

Our chauffeured ride home
Soon after we arrived at the hotel, most of us went swimming in the popular thermal bath and enjoyed the nice water after the hard work. Our first working day ended with a nice dinner at a local restaurant with live music. The food was good, and we really enjoyed sitting together with the whole class, our teachers and our Habitat Coordinator, Edit.

Finally, we all reflected in small groups about the day: that we are all a community and even though we do not always have the same opinion, we have the same goal. Our motivation and happiness will stay for the next days. Most of us will try to work every day with other people from the class so we become a better class community and get to know each other even more.

Julia Schneider & Pia Wagner
Andreas Koini
5/23/2011 05:58:45 pm

Great effort guys!
You look good in your "blue collars". Your blog is live on our new homepage now as well. Check it out: www.strothoff-international-school.de
Keep it up and keep us informed. I am looking forward to hear all the stories when you are back!

Volker & Stephi Dosch
5/24/2011 04:37:15 am

Hi guys,
it looks like you are really working hard!
You are booked for our next renovation ;-).
It's nice to have this blog, we are checking your site daily!!!
Have fun!

Bettina Otto
5/24/2011 05:38:59 am

Szia! You are doing a fantastic job and you can be sure that the people of Berekfürdo will appreciate it and be grateful forever. Have you already tried Turo Rudi? It's a must.


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