Rise and shine guys, it's day 3 in Camp Berekfürdő!  We ate a nice breakfast, and then we were off to work. We arrived at the work site, gathered our materials and continued insulating the walls with styrofoam.  Some people traveled to different groups to do different jobs; however, we would like to see more people working with others they wouldn’t usually interact with, which could lead to a relationship with someone you wouldn’t normally expect.

In the morning everyone had energy and put a great deal of effort into their specific jobs like mixing cement and plastering styrofoam to the wall, including getting up on scaffolding to reach the high points on the wall. We all worked for a solid four hours with small breaks in between. We had an appetizing lunch, which boosted us to continue working, however, not for very long. After lunch, work was going well: we had people singing, dancing and continuing to work hard. One or two hour’s later, people started to get over-exhausted from the heat and repetitive work. This caused people to start to die out and sit around.  By around 3:45PM, we cleaned up and headed back to the hotel. Today was difficult but we got the job done with smiles on our faces, excited to have the day off tomorrow!

After a tough day of work we got the chance to relax by the pool. It felt really good having some free time to hang out with the class. As soon as we got tired playing chicken fights in the pool, we decided to lie on the deck. At around 7 o’clock, we went to dinner at a restaurant near the hotel. The food was fresh and tasted fine. After dinner, we stayed at the restaurant for a while to do reflection activities and discussed what we talked about with our groups.

In today’s reflection circle groups, we discussed what we’ve done (Question 1: What?), why we are doing it (Question 2: So what?), and what we want to accomplish by the end of our service project here in Berekfürdő (Question 3: Now what?). A few highlights to the first question were: we began renovating a house using teamwork, showed social engagement and found solutions to problems. The second question: To improve teacher-student relationships, to feel good about ourselves for serving others in need and to build up the class community. The third question: We would like to learn more about the Hungarian culture and interact more with locals, improve social skills between classmates and complete the house continuing with our hard work.

We are having a fantastic time, enjoying the warm weather and glad to be here.


Clarissa Crawford and Sara Özdemir