Dear Readers,

Today was our third working day after yesterday’s trip to Eger.  After breakfast, we were divided into different small groups on the working site. The different groups had to finish putting the insulation on the wall, and we had to correct the incongruities in the styrofoam by sanding the joints down.  When we started working, the whole class was very motivated, and we made good progress.  A few of us started to drill holes for stabilizing the dowels.

During our break, Sandor took time to answer the questions we asked him yesterday about Habitat for Humanity now that we have more experience working with the organzation.  Here are some of the questions:

  • Clarissa and Sara:  Do you enjoy working for Habitat?  Why?
  • Pia:  Why did you start working for Habitat?
  • Sophie:  Who benefits from Habitat for Humanity?
  • Julia:  Why is Habitat for Humanity an organization we should recommend and what makes it unique?
  • Pascal:  Why aren't there more helpers from the village?
  • Marcel:  Are we making good progress?
Unfortunately after the break, the group was not as motivated as before because of the unbelievable heat and the hard work.

After the hard work on the working side, nearly the whole group went into the hotel swimming pool. When we finished swimming in the cold water, which was very refreshing, we went into the pool with the healing water.  Berekfürdõ
is very famous for this special type of water. In the past, the Hungarian government searched for oil in the region around Berekfürdõ, but instead of oil, they found this good and healthy water.

In the evening we ordered pizza to our hotel, but the pizza was not as good as the pizza in Germany. We all ate the pizza in the outside area of the hotel’s restaurant.  After eating the pizza, we made a fishbowl discussion with the whole group and talked about the answers which Sandor gave us about Habitat for Humanity.  And now we are writing  the blog for you.  Enjoy!

Pascal DeBacker, Julian Kreyer and David Lintener

Andreas Koini
5/26/2011 03:49:35 pm

Tired pupils in the afternoon remind me of my grade 9 maths lessons on a Tuesday. But you are doing a great job, I can really see you making progress with the house! Keep it up!

Marita Lintener
5/27/2011 09:42:44 pm

Thanks for the effort to all writers of the blog:-)It is great to observe your working progress, especially to see that you have so much fun together. Congrats to Caro for her birthday and enjoy the last evening there before starting to Budapest!

Pascal de Backer
5/30/2011 05:15:58 am

Männer am Limit.


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