A well-deserved break
Today, the 10th grade crew had a day off work to explore Hungary and get to experience its beauty and culture.  We toured the famous wine region of Eger where we learned about the winemaking process that produces Bikavér (Hungarian for “bull’s blood”).  The Turks gave the wine this name because the Hungarians fought them so fiercely, they thought they must be drinking bull’s blood.  This tied directly to our next stop, the famous fort of Eger where 2,000 brave Hungarian soldiers held off a Turkish army numbering 60,000-80,000 over six weeks in 1522.  We had a tour of the fort, including an interactive view of its catacombs with special effects.  Afterwards, we had a delicious lunch in the city center and free time to explore.  To end the day, we ventured deep into the Hungarian countryside to Castle Hotel Almaty for a delicious dinner and fun and games.  The students noted the following highlights about the day:

Clarissa:  “Walking around the beautiful town of Eger.”

Sara:  “Shopping in the small shops of Eger and being funny with Clarissa.”

Sophie:  “We discovered laws about Hungarian wine.  At least three different flavors of wine have to be mixed together to make Bikavér.”

Carolin:  “Visiting the castle where we ate dinner.”

Vivien:  “Meeting people from Eger and walking around the town.”

Pia:  “Experienced a little town with nice buildings.”

Julia:  “We had a tour through a castle with sounds to make it easier to understand the bomb’s sounds with the big lights; wine tasting with a good and deep explanation; caste, which was built for a married daughter who sadly died before it was finished.”

Pascal:  “To get a perspective of Hungary and the people here.  To discover a  new culture.”

Julian:  “Playing tennis with classmates.”

David:  “Learning new things about our classmates.”

Marcel:  “Playing pool with Sandor.”

Martin:  “I think it was great that we got one day off to make a break because now we can start working tomorrow totally refreshed.”

Pictures by Clarissa Crawford and Mr. Brightman

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