Bright beautiful sun, a blue sky and several hundred people attended one of the most important days of our school, the opening day. At the beginning, all guests wrote their names on the guestbook and afterwards, everyone could enjoy the snacks available in the red tent placed in front of the school’s building. After very motivating and optimistic speeches given by politicians and personalities, Mr. Hans Strothoff and Mr. Andreas Koini introduced themselves to everybody attending the ceremony. After their speeches, blue backpacks with the school logo or Schultüte were handed to every student, and then who wanted to access the school building for the first time could do it.

All months of work and excitement were about to have a happy ending when Mr. Strothoff’s dream was about to be completed. After several seconds, personalities, politicians and other crucial people for the school such as Mr. Koini and Mr. Strothoff cut the red ribbon placed at the school’s front door. Then, every student ran into the school and had the opportunity to discover and explore what would be one of the biggest projects ever begun in Dreieich. Also, students could talk to all teachers, including their new homeroom teachers.

So…tell us, what you thought about it? Any good or bad impressions? If any, please comment below!
Emin Statovci
6/7/2010 12:59:03 am

The openparty went very well for the students and the visitors.

Andreas Koini
6/8/2010 12:10:30 am

Great Blog, guys. I will be reading it frequently!

David Brinson
6/8/2010 02:52:14 am

It's quite amazing to think back and realize that all these things happened nearly 10 months ago. Keep up the work. I like reading about what your impressions were during your first days at school...

Wayne Quenneville
6/8/2010 08:52:44 pm

This is a great idea everyone. So many exciting things have happened since those first weeks, it really is nice to reflect about them. I find it hard to believe our school is only in its first year still because as Sergio mentioned, so many things have already been accomplished.
I look forward to reading more of your memories...

Jana Oezdemir
6/8/2010 09:00:11 pm

It is so cool to remeber how the opening party was. It is a nice blog
and it was also nice to remeber the things happening at school from the very first day.Thank you for starting this blog.

6/8/2010 09:13:30 pm

The first day of school was very exciting. When I first entered the school I could hardly belive my eyes.The first few weeks felt like a year to me because I had learnt so much from lots of different teachers. My homeroom teacher was Mr.Q and he was really nice and kind. He letus play silly adjective games and let us draw on the activeboard. Thank you guys for letting me remeber about the first day because it was so much fun. I got to know lots of diferent students and now I have many diferent friends. Pretty much from Germany but some are from diferent countries.

Emilie Boek
6/8/2010 09:15:48 pm

I wasn`t here on the first day but my first day was scary. By the end of it though I was very pleased to be here.
My first memory is of lots of people in the hallway and takling and this boy said, "Hey! look a new Girl in school and I think she is in Mr.Q`s class." I am happy to be here and I want to say thanks to all the people who have cared about me and helped me.

8/29/2010 12:23:28 pm

Guilt always hurries towards its complement, punishment; only there does its satisfaction lie. (Lawence Durrell, British writer)


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