A gorgeous day at the beach
Hello, here is the Irish group.  We would like to tell you what we did on this sunny day. 

At 9:00, we drove from Doolin to Galway.  On the way, we saw a lot of sheep in the mountains. 

When we arrived in Galway, a city with many young people because of the university, we found it to be a very beautiful city. We went shopping and to the beach. The water was freezing!

After the beach, we ate in an Italian restaurant.  It was a delicious dinner. 

It was the best and sunniest day yet.  We had a lot of fun and the chance to see the city!  We enjoyed the day and were happy that we had this nice sunny weather.

Mountain Sheep in Connemara
Petting a Connemara pony off the side of the road
Street musician in Galway
Street artist in Galway
Post-shopping stroll down the River Corrib
8/14/2010 01:20:45

Extremes are dangerous.


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