Cliffs of Moher, The Burren and a Wee Bit of Dancing by Lena and Pia - The SIS Times
Group Tour of The Burren with Tony our 'funny' guide
Today we had a wonderful second day in Ireland.  We did a lot of things and got many new impressions from the Irish culture.  We especially got to know the Irish accent because our guide  in the Burren had a thick accent. 

After breakfast, we drove with one of the fastest boats to the Cliffs of Moher where we got an amazing view of the cliffs, which are about 250 meters high.  Sadly, some of us got seasick while driving with the boat because the waves were really high, but after some minutes, back on land we were fine again.

Our next small stop was on a nice beach where we just hung out and chilled a bit.  On the way to the Burren, we had a stop at a really famous Rock Shop and had lunch in a small village. 

In the Burren, we had a guide named Tony show us the nice and really exciting landscape of Ireland.  This type of landscape only exists in Ireland and so it's really special.  We think everyone enjoyed this short impression of the Irish landscape.

Our last two activities were the Irish dancing lesson and to watch the really important soccer match Ghana vs. Germany.  The dancing lesson was the most funny activity of the day.  We laughed a lot and got some new ideas about how the Irish culture is.  Finally, we watched the Germany match together where Germany won and made everyone happy. 

Now, we are all tired from this nice day and looking forward to drive tomorrow to Galway.

Boat Tour of the Cliffs of Moher with our Guide Martin
Discovering fish in the Disappearing Lake of The Burren
The Girls Enjoying Their Irish Dance Lesson
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