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Evening everyone,

We've had such an amazing day! Gondola rides, glacier walks, dog sled rides, luge rides, tree climbing, zip lines, rock climbing and we even managed to squeeze in three meals and a birthday cake. Needless to say, the kids are exhausted so they've gone to bed already. We promised the kids we'd share some of our photos from today and we'll back tomorrow with more blogs from the kids.

Lots of hugs and kisses from all the kids.

Best wishes from us teachers.

More photos will follow here, there are issues with the wireless internet connection and it's past my bedtime! Have a good night everyone.
Everyone reaches the summit of 3000 metres, and no one was winded thanks to the Gondola!

Strolling along the glacier on our way to the dog sledding.

Everyone loved their ride with the most beautiful husky dogs.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, even above the clouds!

Levin and Maurice are ready for some roller coasting!

What an amazing place to put a luge track!

Fritz just about to reach the summit of the rock wall at Camp Suisse.

Auntie Sherry
6/22/2010 11:11:55

Hi Wayne;

Glad to see that everyone is having a great time!!!

Is that you in the yellow coat and red hat?

Enjoy and take lots of pics!!


6/22/2010 20:32:04

I love the blog. Wonderful idea!

6/22/2010 22:44:06

What a view,how lucky you are with the weather...only the dogs don´t looked so thrilled:)
enjoy and watch the game tonight!!!!!!

7/1/2010 07:00:12

Cool Pictures mr.Q!
The clowds next to the snow is a cool pictuce.


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