On Tuesday, we went to a glacier.  We went up 3000m in a cablecar.  We were dog sledding and went on a roller coaster.  After these two things we went to an amazing tree climing park. After that we had our dinner.  We went to a climing wall to finish our day. It was very fun. Then we went to our beds and slept. 
Me and my friends before we head on a chairlift to the Glacier.

Christian Zorn
6/23/2010 22:52:08

Good morning to all of you. We are very happy to see that you are obviously having a great time together...for today we wish another exciting and thrilling day and a lot of fun at tonight´s disco disco disco.Also thanks to the staff for taking care of our youngsters. Greetings to all of you & big hug for Tim, the Zorn family

cordula sheel
6/24/2010 00:15:13

hi everybody!

already thursday and your final day! i hope the weather stays as excellent as shown on the pics.have fun and

ENJOY !!!!!!

6/24/2010 10:22:36

Hi Fritz how are you and what are you doing in the moment?Is it fun in Switzerland?From Anton

7/1/2010 11:50:11

The glacier day was my favorite day too!!!

10/25/2010 18:11:38

In our life, we suffer much difficulties, in this moment, I choose the positive side of life, then our life will be better. You sure to be.


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