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Hi everyone,

The kids had another amazing day with perfect weather to match. It was a day of team builiding games, rock climbing outdoors and then off to the beach for banana boating and chillin' in the sun!

The idea of asking the kids to sit down and write during the disco just didn't seem right but I thought it would be cool to still share some of their opinions. Below are some of their thoughts about the trip and the activities they've been doing.

Hope you enjoyed your week, we'll see everyone tomorrow evening. Sorry no pictures tonight as the wireless connection here at camp is not the best for uploading files. Rest assured you'll be treated to plenty later on!

Time to hit the dance floor!

"I had so much fun this week but I can't wait to get home! My favourite parts were banana boating today and river rafting yesterday." Fritz Segner

"The place has been really fun! My favourite day was Tuesday because of the dog sledding and the roller coaster!" Elisa Bernhardi

"I had an exciting time. My favourite part was river rafting!" Vivien Praschak

"The trip was so cool! My favourite part was river rafting too!" Angelina Stusch

"The trip has been so nice. The people here are all so nice too. My favourite part was the rock climbing!" Fabian Statovci

"Camp Suisse is very cool. I really liked the banana boating today and climbing the glacier was good. My favourite part was riding the roller coaster on the Glacier!" Moritz Drummer

"The trip has been very good. The tree climbing was my favourite part. At first I was afraid of the zip line but then I found it so fun!" Tessa Kling

"I like the banana boating and the rock climbing! Falling off the banana boat was so fun!" Tim Zorn

"The trip was fun. The dog sledding was my favourite part." Max Juncker

"Hi Mom, the trip has been good because its so much fun here. I had a great birthday in Switzerland and I can't wait to see you." Marco von Heesen

Hi everyone, the time here in Camp Suisse was great! Everybody is having so much fun here at the disco. It's been a great week!" Alex Josefson

"The trip was very, very nice. My favourite part was the tree climbing and the zip lines, they were so cool!" Jannik Schroth

"I have had an awesome time. The staff here are so nice. My favourite part was tree climbing!" Emilie Boek

"Hi Mom, we've had great fun here at Camp Suisse. My favourite part was the tree climbing because we were so high up in the trees!" Sam Juncker

"The trip in Switzerland was very nice because I like all the outdoor activities. My favourite part of the trip was banana boating and the t
6/24/2010 05:08:25

Hi everyone, this sounds like a perfect holiday you had..will be very hard to beat those highlights in this summerbreak, we will try very hard, maybe some super-spelling evenings, followed by clean up the kitchen contests and extrem-no-world-cup- watching.. just kidding..have a save trip back home and a big thank you to the"pimp my schooltrip-guys"

6/24/2010 05:26:36

Have a save trip home!

Sandra Stusch
6/24/2010 05:30:54

Hello kids, hello Angelina,

I`m very happy you have a great time in Switzerland.
I wish you very nice evening for the last day.
Thank you very much for all the teachers for the nice trip with the kids.
We see tomorrow .

Kind Regards
Sandra Stusch

Annette Drummer
6/24/2010 06:31:52

Hi everyone
enjoy the last disconight and have a safe trip home tomorrow. Thank you to all teachers making this trip an unforgetable week for all kids.
See you

Sue Boek
6/24/2010 17:33:53

Dear Mr Q et al

I think that you will have trouble getting them on the bus this afternoon! They are having TOO much FUN!


PS: Big Hug for Emmie


the disco was very funny hahahahah^^^^

6/26/2010 06:13:58

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6/26/2010 06:24:17

6/26/2010 06:26:07

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