Blog Test: 12 hours until our departure for Switzerland - The SIS Times
Hi everyone,

Just testing out our blog to make sure everything is in working order. Hopefully everyone has their bags packed and alarms set for our early departure tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned for nightly blog entries which will include photos and text from students.

Watch out Switzerland, here we come!

Sandra Stusch
6/21/2010 05:38:51

I wish you a lot of sun and fun in the snow tomorrow. Greet Sandra Stusch

Isabella Quenneville
6/21/2010 09:29:29

Hi Daddy,
I am glad you made it there ok. We miss you a lot and I cant wait to see you next week. keep in touch when you can...mommy sure misses you!

love you

6/22/2010 04:34:55

Hi Alex
I am with Monika and Theresa and like it. I was chasing a cat and had fun. I miss you. Hope you are having fun and that your cough is better. Mum is fine too, the car needs repair. Bye Ronja

6/22/2010 05:42:42

Hey guys!
How is everybody doing? I work very hard with the kids in the kindergarten... but it is fun. Tomorrow we go to the zoo and thursday we go to the forest because we have "bears"week. They do lots of work and sometimes they are very silly.I hope you have a nice week and much fun. I missing all of you and it is a little bit boring with out you!!!
And for Mr.Q
I feed the fish very well with other kindergarten kids they were very exiting
to see our fish tank.
See you

6/22/2010 06:58:55

hi Alex
I think it is ever so exciting and can you please keep me up to date about your trip

theresa and gianni

Sonja + Wolfgang
6/22/2010 18:28:39

Hi Jannik

we hope you enjoy the tripp and wish you
and the other people a lot of fun.

Have e great time.

Sue Boek
6/23/2010 05:31:26

Hi Everyone (Big love and hug for Emmie)

Your photo's are wonderful...! I enjoyed hearing about the day on the water...hope you have dried off now.

See you all soon.

Sue (Emmie's Mama)

6/24/2010 00:14:35

Dear all,
we follow your wonderful blog every day and envy you for all the fun & excitement you have! Besides the vovouzelas it is very quit at school!
Wishing you a good rest-of-time!

Sonja + Wolfgang
6/24/2010 04:11:21

Hi Jannik,
Nici and Jörg are married today
and on Saturday there is the great
party with you

Tim Segner
6/24/2010 04:17:09

Hi everybody,

enjoy your last night at camp suisse and rock the disco tonight. We are very much looking forward to having you back and listen to some (tale-) stories.

So long,


7/1/2010 04:56:26

The class trip was very cool, and I would like to do it again!!!!!!!!!


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